Buy Tickets

There are two ways to buy your tickets for Chef's Best. One is as an Individual Purchaser, the other is through a Table Host. Table Hosts make a commitment to invite their friends to Chef's Best and do their best to fill one or more tables (10 seats per table).

Buy Individual






** Individual ticket purchasers will not receive an assigned seat.  There will be numerous, well-marked, unreserved tables in the ballroom for your use. **

Join a Table Host

If a Table Host invited you to join them, select their name from the list below:

Carolyn & Doug Brandon

Fernando Garcia & Will O'Bryan, MetroNando Real Estate

Laura & Wayne Gifford

Bruce & Jill Baldwin

Gregory Hoss & Lars Etzkorn

Doug Lingenfelter & John E. Roane, Jr.

FORMA Design, Inc.

Page & David Dekker

Dr. Matthew L. Snyder & Dr. Rusty Mize


If you're interested in hosting your own table for Chef's BestREGISTER AS A TABLE HOST to get started.