Become a Monthly Giver


Illness is a Year-Round Battle. Join Our Bread & Butter Monthly Giver Club.

Bread & Butter Club monthly givers guarantee Food & Friends regular and predictable funds. These donations allow us to respond immediately and year-round to those living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-challenging illnesses.

See how far your monthly gift can go for a person in need. Become a Bread & Butter Monthly Giver TODAY!

$15 a Month
The food needed to make comforting soups and stews for 9 meals.

$30 a Month
2 First Day Deliveries - delivered by Food & Friends staff who can can answer questions and be a friendly ear.

$60 a Month
One month of renal supplements for a client living with AIDS and undergoing dialysis for kidney failure.

$150 a Month
Groceries and freshly prepared meals for a month for a child living with cancer and her grandmother, her primary caregiver.

Questions or Adjustments
If you have any questions about Food & Friends or if you would like to change your monthly donation, call us at (202) 269-2277.