Carrie Stoltzfus Appointed as Executive Director

- September 14, 2018

This past December Craig Shniderman, our Executive Director for almost 24 years, advised the Board that he will leave Food & Friends on December 31, 2018. Craig’s leadership and service have been remarkable and his contributions will endure.

With this substantial advance notice, the Board of Directors undertook a vigorous national search for Craig’s successor, aided by a highly respected search firm. Our search committee and Board sought an individual who shares Craig’s compassion, commitment, effectiveness and warmth. We focused on candidates who could bring a fresh vision for the future with an appreciation for our history and accomplishments.

On September 13, 2018, the Board of Directors secured our next leader. After meeting a substantial number of outstanding candidates from around the country, a group drawn from a very much larger pool, our Board of Directors with guidance from our search committee selected Carrie Stoltzfus, a 15-year member of our staff, as our next director. You may be aware that Carrie is currently our Deputy Executive Director, Programs & Public Funding. In this capacity, she leads our team in client services, volunteer services, nutrition, kitchen and groceries, and delivery. Additionally, she is responsible for overseeing our work in securing government funding and contractual relationships with health insurance companies and medical providers. Carrie holds a master’s degree in public health from Johns Hopkins University and is a longtime resident of the District of Columbia.

But beyond these credentials, Carrie brings passion for our work, deep concern for our staff, volunteers, clients and donors, and respect for everyone who is part of the Food & Friends family. Her commitment to diversity and inclusiveness reflects values that are at the heart of this organization. Carrie lives these values and champions them on every occasion. Her connection to Food & Friends is not a mere handshake, but is an embrace. Carrie has a bold and ambitious vision for Food & Friends, and how we can increase our service to the community. The Board of Directors is excited to partner with Carrie as we begin this next chapter in our history.

I want to thank the Board’s search committee for their diligence and prudence in carrying out this search. Thanks also to our search consultants at Russell Reynolds Associates. We appreciate input from key stakeholders at the outset and throughout our search. These staff members, volunteers and donors were enormously helpful. Finally, thanks to each of you for your engagement in our work.

Please join me in welcoming Carrie as our Executive Director on January 1, 2019.


Peter S. Glassman, DVM
President, Board of Directors